How to Submit a Sample

How to Submit a Specimen

Courier Clients

For those of you within our courier service area, the courier will supply you with biopsy kits and provide replacement kits during specimen pick up. Each biopsy kit contains all supplies and instructions necessary for submitting a specimen. To schedule a pick up, call (404) 501-7445.

FedEx Clients

For those of you outside our courier service area, biopsy kits will be supplied by Path-tec and will include all the supplies and instructions necessary for submitting a specimen. Pre-paid Federal Express forms will be included. If you need more biopsy kits, call us at (404-501-7445).

New Clients

Please call (404) 501-7445 to set up an account. We will arrange for biopsy kits to be sent to you and answer any questions you have.

General Submission Guidelines

General Instructions

Label the specimen bottle with the patient’s name, date of birth, and biopsy site as required by the College of American Pathologists.  Once the specimen is in the container, secure the lid tightly and place in the transport bag with the zip lock top.

Be sure to include the following information when filling out the requisition form:

  • Patient’s name and birth date
  • Patient’s medical insurance information
  • ICD-10 code

The accompanying paperwork should be placed in the open pocket of the transport bag.

Processing delays

Delays in specimen processing may be encountered for the following reasons:

  • Patient name on the requisition and specimen bottle do not match
  • Missing information on the requisition sheet (ie. Clinician name, patient name, date of service)
  • No requisition accompanying the specimen

Once the discrepancies are resolved by confirmation via telephone or fax we will process the specimen.